we'll always have rabbits

(Paris Rabbits - Natural & White Chocolate)


“Who doesn’t like a rabbit?” I have asked, knowing full well that there are those who find these images too safe and sweet. Obviously, the image of a rabbit is a loaded image. Rabbits carry symbolic meaning that varies widely and is often contradictory. They are safe, soft, and cuddly and therefore an appropriate symbol for the child in each of us. But they are also fearful, shy, and vulnerable, and sometimes prey for the hunter. At the same time, they remind us of our own sexuality, desire, and abundance speaking to the adult in us. Ultimately, rabbits may symbolically assure us of hope and happiness for the future with new life and new beginnings. The rabbit as trickster and the artist as trickster also play an important part in my work. 


In March 2023, I returned to la Cité Nationales des Arts in Paris, for a residency that had been aborted by the pandemic in March 2020. I focused on two bodies of work using rabbit imagery - natural rabbits using source images from an October 2022 Virginia Rabbit Breeder's Association Fair and white chocolate rabbits, because it was Eastertime in Paris and there were chocolate rabbits everywhere. 

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in the nightime
on the beach
everyone looks
in the meantime
in betweentime
the poor
the rich
in the evening
in the morning
in the sunshine
dans la soiree
le matin
les riches
les pauves
dans la nuit
dans le rayon
sur la plage
tout le monde
entre temps
en attendant
Click an image to view the artwork larger and/or see multiple versions.